ADHD is short for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The doctors still have no idea what is the source of the disorder. Many people connect it with watching too much television, playing violent video games too much, or with bad behavior, but nothing of this is true. There is still no known cause of ADHD.

If a child is hyperactive, people assume it is probably because of ADHD, but they are in most cases wrong. Hyperactivity is not the only symptom, children with the disorder are also very unpredictable, distracted, and are not able to concentrate on anything like they are supposed to.

While they still don’t know the cause of ADHD, doctors are confident about the benefits of using natural supplements to treat this condition. Studies in this field are going on, to prove this opinion. The disorder can also be treated with some medications, but people usually prefer more natural way. Why should parents give their children drugs, if there is another way to treat ADHD? These supplements are very helpful in treating the basic symptoms of the disorder.

Many doctors think that the possible cause of ADHD at a child are food additives, refined sugar, and poor nutrition. They believe that a child is stuck with ADHD because of unhealthy nutrition. Sugar is well known for causing hyperactivity, so doctors think sugar can also lead to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Also, mercury, cadmium and lead are also doubted for the condition. Some of the parents think they noticed an improvement in the condition of their children by stopping the intake of some of these items. Vitamins for focus are also very useful in helping the child concentrate better, which is very important.

When it comes to natural supplements, some of them are very helpful. Hyoscyamus, for example, lessen hyperactive conducts, anxiety, restiveness, and over-excitement. This is important as hyperactive children are always restless, and if you want to manage them, try with this supplement. Another supplement is Arsen iod; it lessens moody break ups and annoyance. By using it, you can calm an impatient child, and will be able to teach him a new skill. Also, there is Tuberculinum, it can release vicious behaviors, and is advised for overactive children. A child with a vicious behavior can create harm to others, especially smaller, younger siblings, and that’s why it should be kept under control.


Every child deserves to live the life to the full, and that’s why, if he has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, parents should help him treat it. Also, it is important to conduct researches and studies for improving the health conditions of ADHD and to reveal the cause of it. Improve the life of your child by using natural supplements.